Case: How to increase profits of the construction company by 18% by implementing the right sales system using amoCRM

Customer: SibLider construction company

Branch: construction of residential and commercial real estate

Project team: GEORGE Consulting

Construction company founded in 2002. Authors of the project: Klenovyy Dvorik housing complex, Vavilovskiy housing complex, Fregat-NEO housing complex, Dinastiya housing complex, Na Vysote housing complex, and others.

I.V. Shimansky

SibLider Director

Thanks to healthy principles of work and our own vision, several dozen of our facilities have become symbols of comfortable housing. At the heart of the company are family values and a responsible approach to business. We build homes for people who can distinguish good from bad, and want to find a comfortable home for years to come.


years on the market. The company was founded in 2002


Commissioned apartment buildings in the city of Krasnoyarsk


buildings in the construction stage

Company issues

Active drop in apartments sales

Lack of control of sales personnel, and loss of clients

Absence of a unified sales department system

Absence of CRM systems and others

Inadequate client focus by the department manager and his team

Our results



What we did

The GEORGE Consulting team adheres to the following algorithm


Audit of the existing sales team, including a human resources audit (staff assessment and testing)


Head of sales department hired


Verbal scripts developed


We trained all commercial service employees


The sales department was divided into back and front office, which increased the speed and quality of customer handling


CRM system implemented and customized


A motivation system was developed and implemented, and a payroll methodology written


Personal consultations of sales department staff


Participation in the development of marketing materials to set up context advertising and e-mail marketing

The construction company’s success depends on the effectiveness of the sales department. One customer lost means millions in losses to the developer

Implementation of amoCRM will help you:

Reduce the sales cycle and raise the level of service

Double customer numbers with the same number of managers

Increase customer loyalty and average sales receipt

Understand the current state of the business at a glance

Establishment of a monitoring system in online mode

Activity report

“SibLider expresses its gratitude to GEORGE Consulting for the successful project implementing amoCRM.

A distinctive feature of the company is an excellent understanding of the construction business, good organization, and a willingness to quickly offer the best solutions for issues. We recommend Yegor Gavrilyachenko and Pavel Suzdalev as a trusted business advisors!”

I.V. Shimansky

SibLider Director

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You will see the efficiency of amoCRM with your own eyes. You will be able to get answers to your concerns about the stages of its implementation.

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We have successful experience in sales management in various sectors of the market and will do everything possible and impossible to achieve a result

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years on the consulting services market


sales staff hired by us


sales departments optimized with our help


powerful CRM projects have been successfully implemented


workshops and training sessions conducted


companies from 9 cities of Russia trust us

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Information technology

Advertising agencies, publishing houses

Our results

Kras-Kotel company

How to pull a business owner of routine and repetitive scenarios with amoCRM in 2 weeks

 SibLider construction company

How to increase profits of the construction company by 18% by implementing the right sales system using amoCRM

RAKETA Internet Professions Academy

How to increase sales by 20% in an online school and stop losing incoming calls using amoCRM

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