Case: How to pull a business owner of routine and repetitive scenarios with amoCRM in 2 weeks

Customer: Kras-Kotel

Niche: production, sale and installation of heating systems

Project team: GEORGE Consulting

Customer at a glance

Andrey Nasedkin

General Director of Kras-Kotel

Kras-Kotel is one of the largest wholesale and retail suppliers of boilers and heating systems in the Urals, and has been operating on the market since 2000. The company offers a wide range of Russian, Polish, German and Turkish production heating boilers, from low-cost models to premium equipment (Vulkan, Metal-Fach, iQKotel, ZOTA, Tis, and Galmet, among others).


years on the Russian market, with the largest boiler warehouse in the Urals


models of automatic, semi-automatic and classic boilers

Company issues

Absence of a unified operation system

Lack of understanding about the client

Low sales efficiency

Low efficiency in the organization of exhibitions

A company client base is not conducted

Our results





What we did

The GEORGE Consulting team adheres to the following algorithm


Package offers for clients introduced


Hired and trained a sales team of 4 people


All promotional materials corrected


Jointly organized and hosted a winter exhibition


amoCRM implemented


CRM integration with IP-telephony and website implemented

Management review on the work completed

A distinguishing feature of GEORGE Consulting is the efficiency and readiness to react quickly to circumstances, as well as highly qualified business consultants. Our company is fully satisfied with the work of recruiting and training in the sales department and the introduction of the CRM system. We are pleased with the work of GEORGE consulting and would recommend this company as a reliable and responsible partner.

Andrey Nasedkin

General Director of Kras-Kotel

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You will see the efficiency of amoCRM with your own eyes. You will be able to get answers to your concerns about the stages of its implementation.

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sales departments optimized with our help


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workshops and training sessions conducted


companies from 9 cities of Russia trust us

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Our results

Kras-Kotel company

How to pull a business owner of routine and repetitive scenarios with amoCRM in 2 weeks

 SibLider construction company

How to increase profits of the construction company by 18% by implementing the right sales system using amoCRM

RAKETA Internet Professions Academy

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