Integrated automation of the sales teams with the implementation of amoCRM

- Secure each lead, and monitor all lead sources

- Shorten the sale cycle, and raise the level of service

- Double customer numbers with the same number of managers

- Increase customer loyalty and average sales amount

- Create a smart control system online

Business without CRM

The most common issues for companies without a CRM system

Work time is spent on routine

Pile of papers, and information is hard to find when needed. Manual processing of documents, and preparation of business proposals, invoices, promotional emails take up 80% of the time

Incoming requests (leads) are lost

On average, without a CRM system sales manager lose over 30% of leads during initial processing. Commercial offers are sent to clients one at a time

No transparent reporting

You do not know the progress of each lead. You do not know how many calls and meetings the manager completed. You do not understand where calls from your customers came from or how effectively advertising worked in a month

Managers leave, taking your customer base with them

Managers often create a customer base and take it with them to a competitor, or reveal information about their own company. As a result, you do not even know at what point sales to a client stopped to try and bring him back

A CRM system is a work station for a sales team specialist. There he works with a client base, planning time and accompanying a lead. A CRM task automates routine processes so that an employee directs his efforts at working with the lead and closing the sale.

amoCRM is now the #1 CRM for messaging on the market!

Presentation with Mikhail Tokovinin, co-founder of amoCRM


11 effective conversions, which you will receive with the correct implementation of the CRM system

Of course, with the help of GEORGE Consulting’s experts


100% of leads are received in one unified inbox in the CRM system. Accordingly, there is 0% loss


CRM digitizes all traffic channels, reliably where leads come from


Speed up communication within the company, and reduce the sales cycle


You will be able to communicate with the client how it is convenient to him (Viber, Telegram, VK, Facebook, etc.), without leaving the system


All contacts are stored in the CRM. When a member of staff leaves, all tasks for clients can be passed onto another sales rep


You protect the customer base from unwanted copying. Now nobody takes leads away


CRM reliably shows comprehensive statistics. Helps to see pipeline bottlenecks, the KPI of employees, helps specify the sales plan, predict the load of production, and shows further growth points


With the help of the CRM system, you can easily listen to calls of every rep and draw conclusions


You know which reps are less effective, and who should be encouraged for excellent results


CRM helps the sales department put pressure on the client to move to the next step in the form of presented tasks


Automatically generate and bring up the documents necessary for each client

Our results

Kras-Kotel company

How to pull a business owner of routine and repetitive scenarios with amoCRM in 2 weeks

 SibLider construction company

How to increase profits of the construction company by 18% by implementing the right sales system using amoCRM

RAKETA Internet Professions Academy

How to increase sales by 20% in an online school and stop losing incoming calls using amoCRM

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we'll show you how to improve your business

The way we get things done


Online meeting with the head of CRM implementation

Demonstration of amoCRM capabilities, and viewing of case studies


Preparation of SoW and approval

Company business process collection and description


Final confirmations

Implementation of the required functionality


Implementation of CRM and its configuration

Setting sales pipelines, and integration with services


Use of the system and adjustments

Video recording of training for employees


Technical support

The friendly operators will always come to your rescue

A properly organized sales team can raise the company to a new level, beat the competition, and increase profits!

Your guides in the world of CRM

Experts at GEORGE consulting, who you can trust

Pavel Suzdalev

George Gavrilyachenko

Viktor Zhilyaev

Our team is amoCRM’s official partner

With our help, you get a sales management system honed for your business, as well as the automation of business processes, which greatly simplifies life and frees up managers’ and executives’ time in order to close deals on time and increase company profitability.

The industries we cover are

Wholesale and retail companies

Public and business services

Educational centers, schools

Shopping malls, stores

Construction and real estate

Production company

Catering, entertainment and leisure

Health and beauty services

Tourism and sports companies

Transport companies

Information technology

Advertising agencies, publishing houses

Cost of sales department automation 


For sales departments 2 to 9 managers

1,900 USD

Drawing a diagram of current business processes and creation of technical assignment

Plan selection and registration of amoCRM account

Setting up sales pipelines (up to 2

Sale stages creation in every pipeline

Setting up custom fields / tabs in a lead card and the requirement to fill them in accordance with the fields matrix (up to 30 units)

Sales stages automation

Configuring and limiting access rights to CRM

Adding users in amoCRM

Corporate email integration (up to 5 emails)

Message templates setup (up to 10 templates)

Setting up 10 custom reports for your company

Connecting social media and messengers via built-in integrations created by amoCRM team (FB,FB messenger)

Import of existing database

1 website integration with amoCRM account (up to 5 webforms). Applicable for websites with integration to AmoCRM

Tutorial videos for sales reps and sales lead


For sales departments 9 to 20 managers

1,900-3,500 USD

All BASIC package

Setting up from 3 sales pipelines

Setting 100 unique fields

Connecting and configuring IP telephony

Connecting FB, IG, Viber, and Telegram

In-built amoCRM live chat and engagement button – setup and configuration

Custom website integration with amoCRM

Facebook lead forms integration

Facebook Ads integration


For sales teams with 21 managers or more

FROM 3,500 USD

Complete BASIC package

Complete BASIC + package

Connecting other branches of your company

Salesbot setup, custom configuration and implementation

Custom integration of third-party services

Integration with smart inbound analytics system (Google analytics,Roistat, CallGear or other)


I.V. Shimansky

SibLider Director

SibLider expresses its gratitude to GEORGE Consulting for the successful project implementing amoCRM. A distinctive feature of the company is an excellent understanding of the construction business, good organization, and a willingness to quickly offer the best solutions for issues. We recommend Yegor Gavrilyachenko and Pavel Suzdalev as a trusted business advisors!

Andrey Nasedkin

General Director of Kras-Kotel

A distinguishing feature of GEORGE Consulting is the efficiency and readiness to react quickly to circumstances, as well as highly qualified business consultants. Our company is fully satisfied with the work of recruiting and training in the sales department and the introduction of the CRM system. We are pleased with the work of GEORGE consulting and would recommend this company as a reliable and responsible partner.

Serik Baydaliev

Sales Department Manager, A1-TransKomplekt

We’ve known GEORGE Consulting for more than 3 years. The guys hired staff for us, including salespeople. The motivation system was adjusted, and the new logo and package of offers was worked upon. amoCRM was also customized for our business processes. It was convenient to work with real professionals! They respond to issues quickly, so I can really recommend this company.

Aleksandr Staritsyn

Director of RAKETA Internet Professions Academy

Reaction speed and efficiency in action is important to every entrepreneur, which is why I turned to GEORGE Consulting, a company that builds and optimizes sales departments. I am very well acquainted with these guys, we are in close contact, and cooperate with them on a daily basis. Everything was set up superbly well, no complaints at all. They have new technologies in their ranks, and are always announcing the release of new products and upgrades.

Yury Ivanov

Owner. Artel Konditer Confectioner

I was pleasantly surprised to see that consultants comprehensively examined our business in a very short period of time. I'd like to highlight the benefits of GEORGE Consulting: a great portfolio, fast feedback, all improvements carried out virtually immediately, and a very clear work scheme.

Maksim Lyubchuk

Director, Hot Auto Part

I want to thank the GEORGE Consulting team. The company’s reputation did not disappoint. We turned to professionals in the industry. All assignments were completed ahead of schedule. Technical support is at the highest level, and special thanks for that to staff members Viktor and Natalya. We continue to cooperate, as we can safely rely on the guys for technical management of the sales department.

About GEORGE Consulting

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No matter how complex your problem is, we are confident we can solve it! We strive to be flexible so you can get what you need

We have been working for a long time and plan to work for a long time yet – that’s why we are investing in our team, our customers, and the quality of our services


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sales staff hired by us


sales departments optimized with our help


powerful CRM projects have been successfully implemented


workshops and training sessions conducted


companies from 9 cities of Russia trust us

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